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eCommerce by Breeze


eCommerce by Breeze is a white-label eCommerce platform specifically designed for restaurants to streamline their online ordering and delivery processes. Our intuitive platform empowers restaurants to create a seamless and engaging online presence, catering to the growing demand for convenient food delivery service

With eCommerce by Breeze, restaurants can enjoy a comprehensive suite of features tailored to their unique needs, including:

Key Benefits

  • Expand Your Reach: Leverage our white-label solution to establish a strong online presence and attract new customers beyond your physical location.
  • Increased Efficiency: Streamline your ordering and delivery processes, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring timely fulfillment.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Provide a seamless online ordering experience, ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat business.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Avoid the substantial costs associated with third-party delivery platforms, while maintaining control over your pricing and margins.
  • Customizable Branding: Maintain your brand identity by customizing the platform’s appearance, colors, and logo to match your restaurant’s unique style.
  • Monetization Opportunities: Offer premium features or exclusive promotions to generate additional revenue streams.

Target Market

eCommerce by Breeze caters to independent restaurants, restaurant chains, and hospitality establishments seeking to enhance their online ordering and delivery capabilities. Our platform is particularly well-suited for:
  • ·Local Restaurants: Expand their reach and attract new customers through an integrated online ordering solution.
  • Regional Chains: Manage a nationwide network of restaurants efficiently with a centralized ordering and delivery platform.
  • Hotels and Resorts: Cater to hotel guests with convenient room service ordering and delivery options.
  • Food Trucks and Pop-up Restaurants: Establish a digital presence and reach a wider audience through our online ordering platform.


Setting up eCommerce by Breeze is effortless. Our cloud-based platform eliminates the need for installation, allowing restaurants to get started quickly and seamlessly integrate the platform into their existing operations.

Product Functionality

Site Personalization

logo, logo position (left or center), colors, fonts

setup logo position on the header, color pallet, and fonts

choose order type upfront or at Add to cart

chose if the address should be asked when accessing the site or at Add to Cart (customers can browse items available to delivery on the default location)

3 or 4 items per row (desktop)

chose how many items on a row will be displayed on the desktop

3 positions possible to arrange the price and Add to Cart button on the card

3 options to position the price position on the item cart: next to the name, on the bottom left from the Add to Cart, or on the action button

slide banners in the homepage
banners shown as slides on top of the homepage
slide banners in each category
banners are shown as slides on top of each category page

two cart option: dropdown or all-time visible

two options for the cart: always visible on the right, or drop down from an icon in the header + My Cart page
footer personalization 2-4 columns

footer personalization with category links arranged in 2-4 columns

static pages

some static pages – html content

homepage sections for recommended items or offers

homepage designed to promote deals or special recommended items

edit favicon

edit favicon – the icon that is shown in the browser’s tab

thumbnail for sharing on social media

edit thumbnail – image shown when sharing the site on social media

request cutlery

have the option for customers to ask for cutlery in the cart

filter payments per location and order type

you can set rules for payment methods to be hidden for specific locations and order types


multiple brands available on the same site, customers can order from different restaurants in the same cart

continuous scrolling catalog

continuous scrolling allows you to jump to the next category without using the navigation on top.

cookie bot

insert cookie bot unique id (in CMS) to get cookie consent dialog from Cookiebot


career page and submit a CV

restaurant page

restaurant list page with map, individual restaurant presentation page


simple items with pictures, description, and weight
simple items that require no configuration. on click, the item will be added to the cart
configurable items with mandatory and optional modifiers
items that require configuration, choose different options from one or more sections (mandatory – one choice from many, optional – any choices from many)

combo menus

menus that require configuration, few or many steps, multiple choices at each step, choose one item at each step. Menus can have a price, items can be free or have an additional price.

buy one get one free offer type (BOGO)

buy one get one free – menu type where all groups include the same items

pizza configurator

pizza configurator allows to setup sizes, crust types, toppings

pizza half&half configurator

half and half pizza

picture gallery

see multiple images of the same item

change pizza picture for each size-crust

the picture of a pizza changes depending on the choice of combination of size and top

additives, ingredients, and allergens per item

see the allergens for each item and an icon on the card as a reference that this item has some allergens

nutritional info per item

nutritional declaration available on each item
promo price (strikethrough) on the item’s card
on the item card, see a strikethrough price (the base price) and the real (promotional) price on the button

different price per location

the same item can have a different price depending on the location that is delivering to the customer’s address

different price per order type (delivery vs pickup)

the same item can have a different price depending on the type of order (delivery vs click&collect)

different price per city

same item can have a different price for each city

unavailable items if kitchen stock=0

items marked in KDS with stock=0 appear as unavailable on the website

show unavailable items per order type (delivery vs pickup)

items that are available only for an order type show as Unavailable and have a stemple on the cart

offers & deals page

a dedicated page to show offers or deals. The deals page is included in the navigation.

show unavailable items per period

items available starting with a specific hour are shown as unavailable, with a label stating the hour of availability, so the customer would know when he can order.

labels per item (New, Promo, Recommended etc.)

set up stemples on the item’s cart like New, Promo, Recommended, Seasonal etc.

promote items in the homepage

homepage designed to be able to promote special items. The offers are grouped in sections

veggie or hot items icons

veggie and spicy items are signaled with a representative icon in front of the name

open item in modal or page

two ways to open an item: in a modal or on a separate page

sitemap.xml – direct items’ links for sharing

use /sitemal.xml after the http address to access the site map and get all item’s direct links to promote them anywhere

Facebook Commerce Manager – product catalog

option to export the product catalog in the format used by the Facebook Commerce manager

User account

create account

create an account to remember addresses and cards, get loyalty benefits

Facebook login

Facebook login makes it easy to use your email and phone from your Facebook account

Google login

easy login with your Google account

save my addresses

save frequent addresses in your user account to simplify next orderings

save payment cards (tokens) depending on the payment processor

save payment cards (tokens) to simplify the payment process (depending on whether the payment processor supports token payments)

orders history

see the history of orders

replace order from history

you can replace an order from history

feedback from orders in history

you can leave a feedback based on your order

promote Register or Login link

you can promote a link to the site that opens login or register on the landing page

suggest Register or Login in Checkout guest

two types of promos: create an account to get points, and save delivery address


points accumulation

a registered user can have a loyalty program allowing for point accumulation

points redeem (full order payment)

a registered user with an active loyalty program can use his accumulated points to fully pay for an order

points redeem (partial order payment)

a registered user with an active loyalty program can use his accumulated points to partially pay for an order

view loyalty points in my account

see your accumulated points in your account

view loyalty points about to expire

see the points about to expire in the next 30 days

show QR code

show loyalty card QR code, so that the waiter can scan it to identify the customer in the restaurant


delivery or takeaway

select the order type before adding items to the cart

ask for the order type before viewing the catalog or at Add to Cart

select order type when accessing the site or at first add to the cart

ask for the order type before viewing the catalog or at Add to Cart

select order type when accessing the site or at first add to the cart

order type change by product availability

if the user wants to order an item only available for other order types, the site will ask the user to change his order type to add the item

location schedule per order type

the restaurant can have different working hours for delivery versus takeaway

identify location based on user address

based on the delivery address the system identifies the restaurant that delivers to that client

ask for delivery time upfront if the location is closed

useful when someone wants to order but the location is not working, so the customer is aware from the beginning of the delivery time

ask for the address upfront or at checkout

ask for the address upfront when there are different products or prices per location

map when adding the address

see your address on the map to confirm the exact location

minimum order per delivery area

you can set a minimum value of the order per delivery area

delivery tax per area

you can set a delivery tax per each delivery area

order value threshold per area to apply delivery tax

you can set a threshold to apply the delivery tax per each delivery area – if the order’s value exceeds the threshold, there will be no delivery tax

cart upsell: add more to get free delivery

if the cart value is below a threshold, a notification informs users to add x lei and get free delivery

future order

order in advance for later or next days

email confirmation

clients receive a confirmation email for each placed order

revalidate the cart if the user changes address or order type

when customers change the order type or delivery address, the cart is validated to identify possible price changes or items that might become unavailable

order status visible to the user

after placing the order, the customer can follow the order status: order received, in preparation, in delivery, delivery done

feedback from email

after delivery, customers get an email and they can submit feedback by accessing a link from that email

contactless delivery

option in checkout for online payment to request contactless delivery

family delivery

site to order large quantities for the next day

Upsell and benefits

upsell / items recommended based on the cart content

based on all items in the Cart and the setup rules, recommend other items

upsell / item recommended on Add to cart

based on the item just added to the cart, customers get other recommended item

combo upsell/recommend missing items to create a combo

if all but one item from a menu /combo are added to the cart, the customer gets an upsell proposal to add the last item and transform all to a menu to get a better deal

combo recognition / propose combo with items from the cart

when all the items from a combo are added to the cart, customers get a proposal to convert all to a menu to get a better deal

vouchers % or value

user vouchers coded or vouchers attached to a registered user account to get a % or a value discount

vouchers for free items

user vouchers coded or vouchers attached to a registered user account to get a free item

automatic discounts per tiers

get progressive discounts as your cart value increases


Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Google AdWords

Google AW Conversion

Facebook pixel


get the cookie consent from Cookiebot

tracking code management

module to manage custom tracking code events to integrate with any 3rd party software

Technical Requirements

Runs in browsers e.g. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari on laptops, tablets, and phones.

Configuration Requirements

Product catalog – all item’s content: categories, pictures min 400×252 px, description, pricing, weight, allergens, Ingredients and Additives, Nutritional declaration
Site content
Site behaviour
Customer’s email
Online payment
Design elements (logo, colors, fonts)
During implementation you will have our full support for design and configuration.


Our dedicated customer support team is always available to assist restaurants with any questions or concerns, ensuring a smooth onboarding and ongoing support throughout their journey.

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