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Automation in Hospitality

In the competitive world of foodservice, efficiency and innovation are key to standing out from the crowd. Restaurants seeking to thrive in this competitive environment must constantly explore new ways to manage their day-to-day operations. One of these revolutionary solutions is the adoption of a modern point-of-sale (POS) system, which simplifies transaction management and improves the overall customer experience. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of an advanced POS system and how it can transform the way restaurants operate.

Speeding Up Service

One of the key benefits of an advanced POS system is that it simplifies and speeds up the order-taking and payment process. Thanks to an intuitive interface, servers can quickly register customer orders, reducing queues at peak times. This increased efficiency also means that more customers can be served in less time, improving the restaurant’s profitability.  

Imagine a crowded restaurant on a Saturday evening. Customers look forward to enjoying their favourite dishes, but nobody likes to wait long to order and pay. A modern POS system allows waiters to quickly process orders, instantly send information to the kitchen, and finalise billing with just a few clicks. This ensures a smooth and pleasant experience for customers, who are more likely to return to an establishment where the service is fast and efficient.

Integrated On-line Ordering

In an increasingly digital world, the adoption of online ordering has become not just a trend, but a necessity to meet the expectations of modern customers. A POS system that incorporates this functionality enables restaurants to offer their customers the option of ordering their meals online, whether for home delivery or takeaway. This added convenience attracts a wider customer base, particularly those who prefer to order from the comfort of their own home.  

Imagine a local restaurant that now offers online ordering thanks to its modern POS system. Customers can browse the menu, personalise their orders and pay online. When they arrive at the restaurant, their order is ready to take away, reducing waiting time. This integration of online ordering opens up new revenue opportunities for the restaurant, while improving customer satisfaction. 

Always on Functionality

Reliability is crucial in the catering industry. Imagine the nightmare of a system failure on a busy night out. That’s where a modern POS system comes in. It’s designed to work uninterrupted, even if the internet goes down. This means that your operations are not disrupted and you don’t miss out on any valuable sales.  

Take the example of a luxury restaurant that attracts a demanding clientele. A system failure could lead to delays, ordering errors and unhappy customers. However, with a modern POS system, even if there is a problem with the Internet connection, the restaurant can continue to take orders, send them to the kitchen and process payments. This increased reliability ensures that your reputation remains intact and your revenue is safeguarded.  

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Another key benefit of a sophisticated POS system is its ability to collect valuable customer data. Thanks to this data collection, restaurants can launch targeted marketing campaigns. By understanding their customers’ preferences and buying habits, restaurants can personalise their promotional offers and increase customer engagement.  

Imagine a restaurant that uses its POS system to record its customers’ food preferences. When a regular customer returns, the system can recommend similar dishes to those they have previously enjoyed. In addition, the restaurant can send special offers and personalised discounts to customers based on their purchase history. This encourages customers to return regularly and spend more.  

Digital Tipping and Receipts

The digital age is transforming customer expectations of payments and receipts. A modern POS system offers the ability to accept digital tips and provide electronic receipts. This functionality not only modernises the customer experience but can also have a positive impact on staff satisfaction. 

Imagine a high-end restaurant where customers can easily add a tip to their bill using a modern payment terminal. Tips are distributed fairly among staff, encouraging a better quality of service. In addition, electronic receipts are emailed to customers, reducing paper waste and carbon footprint.  


Adopting a POS solution such as the Breeze Suite is a step towards a more efficient and profitable restaurant. This advanced POS system offers a multitude of benefits, including faster service, online ordering integration, always-on functionality, targeted marketing campaigns, and digital tipping and receipt options. By investing in technology, restaurants can not only remain competitive in an ever-changing market, but also significantly enhance their customers’ experience. With the Breeze you are ready to transform the way you run your restaurant and thrive in the restaurant industry.

Laurent Michaud

Laurent Michaud

Laurent Michaud, Vice-President of Global Sales at Bit-Soft SA, is a seasoned executive with over 20 years' experience in the hotel and restaurant sector. A former MBA student at IMHI (Cornell University - ESSEC Business School), he excels at driving growth and operational excellence

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