The Digital Revolution in Foodservice


In the foodservice sector, the importance of digital is growing significantly. Today’s customers are looking for fast, tailored experiences that can be accessed through a variety of channels, including mobile apps, kiosks, online ordering and more. This evolution, spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic, underlines that the adoption of digital technologies is no longer an option but an essential necessity to maintain competitiveness.

Changing Consumer Expectations

Consumers are increasingly well-informed and ultra-connected. As a result, they are increasingly demanding. The rise of smartphones has led to increased demand for fast and convenient catering solutions. Restaurants that have grasped the importance of this paradigm are doing everything they can to simplify the ordering process and take account of their customers’ preferences, thanks in particular to effective loyalty systems. As a result, restaurateurs benefit from increased customer satisfaction and a stronger brand image

The Importance of Technological Implementation

A majority of consumers would like to see more technology integrated into catering establishments. These include self-service ordering kiosks, interactive digital menus, geolocation systems, drive-through solutions and loyalty program applications. The integration of these technologies contributes to a significant improvement in customer service, simplifies the ordering and payment processes, and offers more efficient and convenient delivery and collection options. 

Responding to Demand with Tailor-made Solutions

Given the multitude of technological options available, restaurateurs will need to select solutions that match both their customer base and their level of service. For example, when it comes to online and mobile ordering, it’s crucial to choose between an aggregator solution and a restaurant’s own platform. This decision should be based on the needs of each restaurant. Opting for a customised solution has the major advantage of giving complete control over the customer experience, while strengthening brand loyalty.

The Evolution to Ordering Kiosks and Loyalty Apps

Kiosks meet the expectations of Generation Z and other consumers who prefer to interact with devices rather than people. These kiosks offer a fast and efficient customer experience, simplifying the ordering process. At the same time, loyalty applications, supported by customer relationship management (CRM) systems, enable advanced personalization. Customers will be able to retrieve their preferences and previous orders, so restaurateurs can easily target their clientele and launch specific marketing campaigns for each persona.  


The integration of appropriate technologies is essential for improving the customer experience and strengthening the competitiveness of restaurants. In this context, the Breeze Suite has emerged as an integral solution, embracing these technological developments. Thanks to its ability to enrich the customer experience and deliver significant competitive advantages, Breeze Suite is the partner of choice for restaurants seeking to develop in this constantly changing digital world.

Laurent Michaud

Laurent Michaud

Laurent Michaud, Vice-President of Global Sales at Bit-Soft SA, is a seasoned executive with over 20 years' experience in the hotel and restaurant sector. A former MBA student at IMHI (Cornell University - ESSEC Business School), he excels at driving growth and operational excellence

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