Understanding and adopting SmartPOS terminals


In a world where technology continues to transform the way we consume, the foodservice industry is no exception. At the heart of this digital revolution is the “point of sale terminal” (POS), a tool that has evolved far beyond its simple function of recording sales. SmartPOS terminals”, the latest innovation in cash registers, no longer simply handle payments, they are becoming true management centres for restaurateurs, offering a host of features to improve efficiency and the customer experience. In this article, we will explore the history of this technology, its features and what it means for the restaurant sector.

Evolution of POS Terminals

In the past, POS terminals were primarily used to collect payments and print receipts. However, with the advent of digital technology, these devices have undergone a radical transformation. Today’s SmartPOS terminals are true electronic Swiss army knives, with powerful computing capabilities, wireless connectivity and interactive functions. Unlike previous models, which were limited to managing financial transactions, today’s SmartPOS terminals enable complete business management, including stock management, customer marketing and analysis of valuable data.

SmartPOS components and functionalities

SmartPOS terminals are equipped with state-of-the-art hardware, including touch screens, secure card readers, and sometimes even integrated printers. But it’s the software that really makes the difference, offering an intuitive user interface and the ability to add third-party applications. These devices can manage loyalty programmes, facilitate mobile commerce and even analyse customer shopping habits to provide useful information to retailers

Impact on architecture and business considerations

The introduction of SmartPOS terminals requires a review of POS system architecture and business models. Restaurant operators need to think about how these terminals fit into their existing IT infrastructure and how they can improve their business operations. This includes managing payment applications in relation to other applications and managing the multitude of applications available on the POS market.

The role of Breeze Suite in this environment

Breeze Suite is a platform that gives merchants access to a variety of modules designed to improve their operations and customer experience. These applications range from stock management to personalised marketing solutions. The validation and security of these applications is crucial to ensure the reliability and security of transactions and customer data.


In conclusion, SmartPOS terminals are not only the future of the restaurant industry, they are already an active reality. For restaurateurs who want to remain competitive and deliver exceptional customer experiences, the adoption of these intelligent technologies is essential. SmartPOS represents a significant evolution in restaurant business management, and those who embrace it can look forward to thriving in this ever-changing world. Through its architecture and modules, Breeze can transform any Android tablet into a SmartPOS.

Laurent Michaud

Laurent Michaud

Laurent Michaud, Vice-President of Global Sales at Bit-Soft SA, is a seasoned executive with over 20 years' experience in the hotel and restaurant sector. A former MBA student at IMHI (Cornell University - ESSEC Business School), he excels at driving growth and operational excellence

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